1. The affairs of the organization shall be managed and conducted by its president Sr. vice President, general secretary, Joint Secretary, organizing Secretary of the organization.

  2. The president shall have the over-all control on the management.

Qualification of the Members

Any person belonging to any community having attained the age of maturity and found Bearing good moral character and who accept in writing the aims and objective of the Organization is entitled to become a member of the organization on the payment of the Following fee.

For lifetime membership Rs.3000.00
For 10 years membership Rs.1500.00
For five years membership Rs.1000.00
For three years membership Rs.500.00
For one year membership Rs.200.00
Functions and Powers of the Committee

The subject to the provisions of these rules and consistent with the resolution passed at a General body meeting of the organization the committee shall

  1. Decide all matters and questions that may arise from to time.

  2. Exercise control on the activities of the organization.

  3. Pass the monthly accounts in its meeting.

  4. Arrange for the regular audit of account of the organization.

  5. Arrange for holding one year annual general body meeting

  6. Take all legitimate steps in the fulfillment and furtherance of the aims and objects of the organization

  7. Take suitable action after affording opportunity to any members or office bearers of the Organization. It should have reasons to believe that any of action of such a member or office bearer had been against rules or aims and objects of the organization.


The President of the organization shall be competent to operate open the Bank account of the Organization. The funds of the organization shall be used only for payment of :

  1. Salaries and allowances to employees of the organization, if any;

  2. Expenses for administration of the organization including postage, stationary and other contingent charges.

  3. Any other object considered to benefit the organization in furtherance of its cause for day today functioning and

  4. Any other object incidental to the smooth functioning of the organization


The Accounts of the organization shall be audited every year by the Chartered Accountant/s to be approved by the organization. The Chartered Accountant so appointed shall be required to clarify the corrections of the accounts so audited.


The records of the organization shall be preserved as follows:

  • Permanent

    1. Minutes of the proceedings of all the meetings

    2. Account books

    3. Important correspondence with the Govt. of India as well as State Government

  • To be destroyed after three years only when the accounts have been audited in terms of rule.

    1. Receipts of money received and paid

    2. Correspondence of cases closed

    3. All other documents and records as may be decided to be destroyed as any time in the general meeting of the organization.

A Person duly enrolled as a member of the organization shall cease to be a member

  1. On ceasing to be member of the caste or initiator or unsound mildness or if he is convicted due to moral turpitude.

  2. On voluntary resignation

  3. On his committing default in paying the subscription for six consecutive months.

  4. On his being found quality of any act, commission or commission which in opinion of the organization is sufficient to disqualify him from membership of the organization.

  5. On the failure to attend the three committees or the general body meetings consecutively without sufficient reason provided the member whose membership has been terminated under sub rule (iii) above may be re-enrolled on his paying the arrears of subscription and also fresh admission fee of Rest.200/-as well.

Right of Members

  1. The members of the executive shall on demand have the right to examine the account books of the organization with the permission of the president. Such an examination shall be conducted in the presence of General Secretary.

  2. A member wishing to move resolution in the General body meeting of the organization shall give the general secretary of the organization at least 15 days notice of his intention to do so before the scheduled date of meeting.


Every member of the organization and every office bearer or employee of the organization shall be indemnified against by the organization and it shall be duty of the organization to pay out of the funds of the organization all costs, leases and expenses which any such member office bearer or employee may or become liable for by reason of any contract entered into act or deed lawfully done or caused for permitted by him as such member office bearer or an employee of the organization.


Any amendment to the constitution shall be made by a majority not less than two third of the apex body members of the organization.

  1. Any amendment to the constitution shall be made by a majority not less than two third of the Apex body members of the organization.

  2. Notice of the amendments to these rules shall be served at the central body meeting which should reach the General Secretary in advance not later than ten days of such meeting

  3. The President has the powers to accept or reject the proposal for amendment in the constitution or any of its rules or clauses without assigning any reason.

Vote of no confidence

  1. If the integrity of any office bearer or the members of the committee is doubted, he May be removed from his office by exercising a majority vote of “No confidence” By the Apex body by Secret ballot.

  2. The apex body for this purpose shall be convened by the General Secretary on the Written request of at least four members of the Apex body.

General Corium for passing Resolution

All the resolutions shall be passed by 2/3 majority of the Executive body.

Essential Certificate

Certified that this is the correct copy of the Memorandum/Rules and Regulations Of the organization and the testimony thereof do hereby subscribe out signatures.