Policy of the Organization

                              i).            The organization shall not maintain any political fund or land itself to the propagation

Of view of any political parties.

                            ii).            The organization may not prevent an individual or caste as a whole to owe the other.

It will not interfere with the political entity of a particular individual or group of

Individuals. But will not allow inculcating view points of politician in the society.

                          iii).            The organization shall do its utmost to keep peace and compete harmony in the

Country. it shall not however, do any or assist I doing any act which if alone by

Members would violate the provisions of byelaws/constitution of the organization.

                          iv).            The organization may keep liaison with different organization and departments us

Also the state government including union of India.

                            v).            The funds of the organization shall be utilized only for furtherance of aims arid

Objectives of the organization.