a)      The selection to the post of Sr. Vice President, Vice President, General Secretary, Joint

Secretary, Organizing secretary and treasurer-cum-cashier of the organization shall be hold

Organization. The committee shall from an electoral college for the said purpose from

Amongst the registered members of the organization.

b)      The election as specified above shall be held after every five years but the President for the

Sufficient reason can postpone the elections of the organization as warranted under the


c)      The members shall in case of an office bearer during its tenure fill in the vacancy in the

Prescribed forum from amongst the registered members of the organization.

d)     The office bearers shall be elected by secret ballot if needed otherwise by show of hands.

e)      The author shall be the life long President of the organization

f)       The members of Electoral College shall be entitled to vote by ballot or by post in the event

Of absence from the Headquarter.