Our Aim

  1. The intent the same shall relate without distinction caste, creed, colour, sex, class, religion,Community or nationality and in such manner in respect as the Governing Body of the Organization shall in their absolute discretion think fit so that the income as well as the corpus of the organization shall be applicable of accumulated for the application to such charitable purposes of these presents for being applied for the purpose as herein mentioned.

  2. To strive for promotion of common understanding and brotherly feeling amount the Different sections of society, irrespective of any caste, creed and colour based on equality And self respect.

  3. To put it’s all effort in maintaining good spirit of National Integrity among its members /other masses and will sacrifice all which is required fir the cause of he nation and will Infuse patriotic and secular spirit among the massed.

  4. To do all such other acts, deeds and thins as are incidental and conductive to the attainment Of the objects of the Organization.

  5. To take over or amalgamate with any other organization or NGO whose objects are similar To the objects of the Organization.

  6. To apply the income and properties of the organization for the fulfillment of its objects and Not to pay any portion thereof by way of profit or divided or bonus.

  7. To work with full zeal and missionary spirit to watch and safeguard the interest of crippled Community hailing from rural areas, urban areas, laborers and agriculture classes.

  8. To emphasis for the celebration of religious, social and national functions in particular. The Organization shall Endeavour to celebrate anniversary/anniversaries of those renowned Personalities who dedicated their lives for the upliftment of disabled people and the nation.

  9. To make the people aware to understand its fundamental rights such as:-

    • Right of equality
    • Right to Freedom of Speech
    • Right against Exploitation
    • Right to freedom of Religion
    • Cultural and Educational rights
    • Right to constituently privilege
  10. To provide the best education available in some of the best schools of NCR Delhi in Particular and all over India and abroad in general to produce the well informed and self Assured citizens, to undertake organize, help and facilitate study group seminars and Conferences with the participation therein of experience persons knowledge in various Fields of education.

  11. 11. To provide libraries, publish books on educational set up and social subjects, organize Discussion and seminars to promote knowledge discussion and seminars to promote Knowledge and understanding amongst the general people with regard to particular Community (disabled)

  12. To establish and maintain initiations for the needy children and for adult education like Vocational training in vocation of household industry, semi-skilled job for self employed.

  13. To issue appeals and application for funds in furthermore of the objects of the organization And to accept grants and donations in cash and securities and of any property moveable or Immoveable from private individuals, trust, firm, NGOs, business associations, companies, Public and government bodies, undertaking and organizations.

  14. To cooperate with the other institutions and interested bodies to promote the purpose of the Society.

  15. To construct and maintain building for the furtherance of the objects of the organization Including the right to alters equip and improve the same.

  16. To acquire by gifts, purchase, exchange, lease hire or otherwise any land, building or any Other property moveable or immoveable together with all rights pertaining thereto for the Purpose of the organization.

  17. To enter into agreement of whatever nature for on behalf of the organization for the Furtherance of the objects of the organization.

  18. To invest and deal with the funds of the organization and o vary or alter such investments For time and again.

  19. To accept Bank loans, grants, donations etc. in cash or kind for the purpose of organization From foreign persons, trust, organization, undertaking, etc. subject to Indian laws.

  20. To do all such other lawful acts, deeds or things as are conductive, incidental, ancillary or Allied to the attainment of the objects of the organization.

  21. To promote, revitalize and pervade education system of the crippled community through Out India on modern, scientific and technical lines.

  22. To provide medical aid and prosthetic equipments to genuine and needy persons.

  23. To provide basic amenities to crippled community.